STEP by STEP Guideline to complete your KYC

STEP by STEP Guideline to complete your KYC

STEP by STEP Guideline to complete your KYC

Dear Beldian,

Completing KYC is now Faster, Smoother, and Easier than ever! 

Greetings. You are an integral part of our vivacious community! We listen to your feedback and strive to provide the best services in the whole of the crypto ecosystem. Just as we declared a few days ago, we’ve made improvements to our KYC system.

We have upgraded our KYC systems for providing a fast and reliable service. To enunciate this, we have officially partnered with Fractal. Our partnership with Fractal is aimed at streamlining and drastically reducing the time you spend submitting your KYC.

We are grateful for your patience while we upgraded our KYC system. We value your time and efforts spent in supporting our cause. This was only possible because you believed that we would deliver. And we did! 

Why wait? Giddy up your horses now! Head to your account ( straight away to complete your KYC verification.

Login to your account and verify your KYC by submitting the requested documents. 

Steps to verify your KYC

    • Login to your account on and click the [Verify KYC] button. 
    • Fill the KYC verification form and request for OTP. (The OTP will be sent to your registered email address)
    • Enter the OTP and then click [Next]. You will be redirected to Fractal.
    • Fractal will request you for your Beldex registered email address. Enter your registered email address in the appropriate field. 
    • Your Fractal login link will be sent to your registered email address.
    • Open the email and click the [Sign in to Fractal ID] button. 
    • Please read and agree to the End User Agreement, Privacy Policy, Marketing Consent Policy and then click [I agree].
    • Then, click [Allow] to continue with the verification process.
    • Select the country of your residence from the drop-down list and click [Next]. 
    • Select the type of document you’re going to submit and click [Next]. 
    • In the next step, read the on-screen instructions and then click [Start verification]. 
    • Follow the on-screen guide to submit the front side of your KYC document. You will be asked to upload the document, crop it and check it. Click [Continue] after completing each step.
    • Now, follow a similar process to submit the backside of your KYC document. 
    • Then, click [Upload to server].
    • Now, proceed to the Liveness check (facial recognition). Click [Start Liveness Check] (ensure that your device has a camera).
    • Complete the Liveness check and then click [Continue Authorization].
    • Finally, click [Continue to Beldex] to be redirected to once again. 


You will see a confirmation message on your screen stating that your documents were uploaded and are under processing. You will receive a notification to your registered email address once your documents are processed.


  • Pop-ups should be enabled on your browser.
  • Ensure that you provide your Beldex registered email address in Fractal. 
  • Ensure that the device you use to verify your KYC has a camera.