How To Join The Beldex-Evonodes Masternode Pool


The following article lets you know how to join the Beldex (BDX) masternode pool on EvoNodes.

Step-1: Go to and click Sign Up Now’.

You will be directed to

Step-2: Enter your Email ID and enter a strong password, twice, in the respective fields and then click Register.

Step-3: You will receive a confirmation message letting you know that you’ve successfully registered with EvoNodes. An activation email will be sent to your registered Email ID.

Step-4: Login to your Evonodes registered email ID and check for the activation email. Click on Activate my account or the link provided.

Step-5: A message will indicate the successful activation of your account. Enter your credentials and click Login.

Step-6: You will be asked to join a master node pool. Click View available pools.

Step-7: This will direct you to pools. Select Beldex from the list.

Step-8: You will not be a part of the Beldex masternode pool until you join it. You can find the Join Pool option on the Pool Stats panel to the left.

Step-9: Once you join the pool, you will be given a unique deposit address that will never change.

Step-10: Use this address to deposit BDX to your account and start earning rewards proportional to your stake.

Note: Double-check your deposit address before making any deposits.

Happy Staking!

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