Creating your Magnum account using Magnum Mobile App

Download the Magnum Wallet App from Google PlayStore. Open it and tap on the [Create Wallet] option.

Enter a strong password and then tap [Next].

Before you proceed further, download your Backup Key by tapping on [download your backup file].

Pull down your mobile device’s notification bar to check the download’s progress. The backup file will be saved in your device storage under the path/directory Internal Storage -> Downloads -> MagnumWallet.

Come back to the Magnum app and tap [Display Mnemonic].

Write down the 12-word Mnemonic Phrase on a sheet of paper/dairy. Only the Mnemonic key can be used to restore your account if you forget your password. If you lose the Mnemonic phrase or backup key, you cannot recover your account and you will lose your funds. Beldex will not be liable or responsible for your loss. 

Once you write down the Mnemonic Phrase, tap the checkbox and then tap [Next].

Your Magnum Wallet Account will be created. Tap on [My Wallets].

Scroll down and tap [Add Wallet].

Choose [Add a new wallet].

Tap the highlighted field to see a drop-down list of available wallets.

Choose [Beldex (BDX)] from the list.

Tap on [Add Wallet].

The Beldex Wallet will be added to ‘My Wallets’. Tap on the [Receive] option to get your Beldex Wallet Public Address

You can find your Beldex Wallet Public Address in the highlighted field.