Celebrating 1 Year of Listing On STEX

Celebrating 1 Year of Listing On STEX

Dear Beldians, 

A very warm evening. It’s another day that holds numerous opportunities. The Beldex community is continuously expanding, having stretched out to the extremities of the world. We are honored to have gained users from 147 different countries. This is a testament to the fact that we have appealed to crypto enthusiasts, traders, investors, and even to users who are completely new to the crypto industry. We now encompass users from 6 continents and a majority of them are from Asia-Pacific, Africa, and Europe. We will soon be aggregating more users from the Middle-East and the West. 

But to get here, we had to course through rough soil. We had to make tough decisions whenever we hit a wall. We came across several crossroads that tested our devotion and dedication to our users. But with a pious commitment to our responsibilities, a confident outlook to critique and staunch adherence to our community’s wishes, we’ve triumphed each testing moment. And today, despite our struggles, we’re marching strong because of the faith that you’ve vested in us. 

We have a peculiar practice of staying grounded by reminiscing our roots, every time we break through our ordeals. It douses us in a river of humility and stirs up an unyielding determination to face future ordeals. In November 2018, we had affixed definitive goals, one of which was listing BDX on major exchanges. Consequently, we realized that goal and today we have successfully completed 1 year of listing with STEX. At present, BDX can be traded on STEX, BTC-Alpha, and IDCM. And we are working towards getting BDX listed on many centralized, decentralized and hybrid exchanges. 

On a side note, we’ve had our hands full since opening registrations to our hybrid cryptocurrency exchange (www.beldex.io) as tens of thousands have registered with us. We are overwhelmed by the love and support that you’ve shown us. We hope that you keep supporting us in our future endeavors. With your support and our collective efforts, Beldex will rise to the moon!

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