Transferring your BDX balance to Magnum Wallet

Transferring your BDX balance to Magnum Wallet

Magnum has now become our official wallet partner. Beldex is live on Magnum. Kindly ensure that you transfer your funds from your Beldex wallet to your Magnum wallet before the 10th of October 2019. The Beldex wallet will become obsolete after the mentioned date. Below, for your convenience, we let you know how to transfer your funds from your Beldex wallet to your Magnum wallet. Login to your Magnum wallet either from your desktop (www.magnumwallet.co) or mobile app. You can find your Beldex ‘Wallet Public Address’ on the right. Copy your ‘Wallet Public Address’.   Steps to transfer your funds

🤗😆BELDEX (BDX) Rank Moves from 1132 to 216 in CMC😆🤗

BELDEX (BDX) Rank Moves from 1132 to 216 in CMC

Dear Beldex Community, Our efforts have come to fruition. We wish to inform you of exciting news, one that we’ve been waiting for as well. Beldex (BDX) ranked 1132 a couple of days ago, But today we’ve almost broken through to the top 250 ranks. We now rank 216 on CoinMarketCap! This is another milestone, achieved once again with the support of the Beldex community. BDX is climbing the ladder at breakneck speeds. Keep supporting us, we’re 100% sure that we’ll reach the top 100 ranks in no time! Happy and safe trading!! Join our community to know more about

Exchanging tokens with Privacy token for Complete Privacy

Decentralized exchanges are the future, but the technology isn’t ready yet to support the transactions. While big exchanges are working on the technology, Beldex, an Estonia based exchange, has found a middle ground with so-called “Hybrid exchange”. A hybrid cryptocurrency exchange is a special exchange that combines the technology of centralized exchange with a decentralized one. It is the closest thing currently in the market to a decentralized exchange. One of the basic requirements for a decentralized or a hybrid exchange that they need to be pegged to token or have their own token. And Beldex is no exception. Beldex