Zakat in Cryptocurrency: Donate Beldex This Ramadan

Islam holds social responsibility in high regard. As such, it is obligatory in Islam for the wealthy to give alms to the poor. Zakat al-Fitr is one of the five pillars of Islam (the third pillar) and a practice of social justice. It is an annual process where the wealthy share 2.5% of their wealth with the poor and the needy. Zakat is paid at the conclusion of the holy month of Ramadan, each lunar year. It is an obligatory donation by anyone who has more wealth than the minimum cut-off called Nisab. Nisab is calculated in terms of gold

STEP by STEP Guideline to complete your KYC

STEP by STEP Guideline to complete your KYC

Dear Beldian, Completing KYC is now Faster, Smoother, and Easier than ever!  Greetings. You are an integral part of our vivacious community! We listen to your feedback and strive to provide the best services in the whole of the crypto ecosystem. Just as we declared a few days ago, we’ve made improvements to our KYC system. We have upgraded our KYC systems for providing a fast and reliable service. To enunciate this, we have officially partnered with Fractal. Our partnership with Fractal is aimed at streamlining and drastically reducing the time you spend submitting your KYC. We are grateful for

Crypto Exchanges: Centralized vs Decentralized

Crypto Exchanges Centralized vs Decentralized

A cryptocurrency exchange is a gateway for its users to perform crypto to crypto and fiat to crypto trading. Most popular cryptocurrency exchanges today are centralized. This is because roughly 99.8% of crypto trades happen in centralized exchanges as users prefer centralized exchanges over decentralized exchanges. Even though there have been instances of notorious hacks in the past (for example, the infamous Mt. Gox hack), centralized exchanges still dominate the crypto-space by a long shot, though the number of hacks has only continued to increase. Does this mean that traders and investors are willing to sacrifice security for liquidity? Why

Celebrating 1 Year of Listing On STEX

Dear Beldians,  A very warm evening. It’s another day that holds numerous opportunities. The Beldex community is continuously expanding, having stretched out to the extremities of the world. We are honored to have gained users from 147 different countries. This is a testament to the fact that we have appealed to crypto enthusiasts, traders, investors, and even to users who are completely new to the crypto industry. We now encompass users from 6 continents and a majority of them are from Asia-Pacific, Africa, and Europe. We will soon be aggregating more users from the Middle-East and the West.  But to