Is Thailand Crypto-Friendly?

Governments are vying for a regulated crypto environment. Back in the day, a decade ago, when cryptocurrencies were newborns, most governments hadn’t anticipated that they would grow to the point of mainstream adoption. It was just something regulators had to deal with behind the doors. But with the emergence of ICOs, IEOs, and global cryptocurrency exchanges, governments could no longer turn a blind eye.  Though large support for crypto, about 35-36% of total traders, come from the U.S, South-East Asia is a thriving hub for crypto businesses. Singapore and Hong Kong lead the race with more than and 3.3 Billion

Beldex is Now Shariah Compliant

Beldex is now Shariah Compliant!

Beldex is now Shariah-compliant. This is a huge step for us as it means that the Beldex cryptocurrency exchange complies with the rules of Islamic finance. Shariah sets the guidelines for a way of life for the followers of Islam. Thus, they govern the entirety of a person’s daily activities. This applies to everything, and a digital asset is no exception. Anything that’s prohibited by Shariah is final. Many scholars have discussed the issuance of Shariah compliance certification to blockchain and digital asset firms. Right now, in the cryptocurrency environment, a number of crypto exchanges are trying to become Shariah-compliant.

Transcending Borders: Global Currencies of the Future

Transcending borders: Global currencies of the future

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are considered global currencies as they transcend borders. Many cryptocurrency exchanges today facilitate the investment and trade of these global currencies. But even before Bitcoin was conceived in 2008 and launched in 2009, various leaders, economists, and educationalists have proposed ideas for the establishment of a single currency without borders. The SDR or the Special Drawing Right, though not a currency but a unit-of-account, is the very first attempt at establishing a world currency. The SDR is relevant today only for Governments and not for the general public as their sole purpose is to act as

Get Beldex instantly with InstaSwap!

The Beldex coin has been integrated with InstaSwap! You can now swap any of the coins supported by InstaSwap for BDX and vice versa, without creating an account.  Visit the site and choose the coin you want to swap for BDX in the first field. The image below uses BTC as an example. Then, enter the number of coins you want to swap. Choose BDX in the second field.  InstaSwap will display the equivalent BDX you will receive, based on the best exchange rate. Click Swap Now.  The following page will request for BDX address and the address of

Beldex Going For Shariah Compliance!

Islamic finance differs a whole lot from conventional finance. For its believers and followers, Islam lists a set of do’s and don’ts in the Quran, to guide them in living a life of sanctity. Cryptocurrency in Islam is a domain that is less understood and scarcely explored. But that will be a thing of the past soon as Beldex becomes the first Shariah-compliant crypto exchange. Islam has a number of attributes that a currency must possess in order to be classified as an acceptable mode of payment. Beldex understands that there is still a lot of work to be done

🤗😆BELDEX (BDX) Rank Moves from 1132 to 216 in CMC😆🤗

BELDEX (BDX) Rank Moves from 1132 to 216 in CMC

Dear Beldex Community, Our efforts have come to fruition. We wish to inform you of exciting news, one that we’ve been waiting for as well. Beldex (BDX) ranked 1132 a couple of days ago, But today we’ve almost broken through to the top 250 ranks. We now rank 216 on CoinMarketCap! This is another milestone, achieved once again with the support of the Beldex community. BDX is climbing the ladder at breakneck speeds. Keep supporting us, we’re 100% sure that we’ll reach the top 100 ranks in no time! Happy and safe trading!! Join our community to know more about

💪Once Again, Beldex(BDX) Claims the Summit! 💪

Once Again, Beldex (BDX) Claims the Summit

A few days ago, we said that Beldex is among the top 100 profitable coins. We still say that today, because Beldex (BDX) has been topping the charts since then. Let us look at the coin’s performance in the past 24 hours as given by cointradinganalytics. At 06:00 PM UTC on August 30, BDX was the third-best gainer, with about 1% returns. At 02:00 PM UTC, August 30, BDX saw 5.3% gains. At 12:00 PM UTC, August 30, BDX returns were 5% more. Once again at 07:00 AM UTC, August 30, BDX showed 5.3% gains. What is in store for

What It Takes To Be The Best Crypto Community

What It Takes To Be The Best Crypto Community

Beldex was at the Bloconomic Expo, 2019, held on the 15th and 16th of August. As many of you are aware, the Expo is the destination for budding blockchain entrepreneurs to share their innovations and experiments with the blockchain/crypto communities at large. Every year, the event is graced by blockchain thought leaders, investors, government officials, regulators, delegates, and representatives from various governments around the world; professors and researchers from universities; blockchain companies, blockchain enthusiasts and many more. This diverse crowd from many walks of life has one motive — to find an economically, and financially stable realistic use-case of the

Beldex – Development

Our team of expert architects has derived a feasible design for our exchnage to make it more secure and roburst. As this is the base of our exchange we took some extra time and care in this part Matching Engine is the core of the exchange, the development of matching engine has started in full swing. Currently we are on track with the matching engine development Our UI/UX team has comeup with Crisp and user friendly design, the design has been finalized and the UI work started, you can see the trading page design on the landing page banner

Beldex – Hybrid Exchange System1

A hybrid exchange system for fast & secure trade by a leading cryptoverse company. Experience the fast, secure and low cost trading fees here @ Beldex Exchange. Complete your trade safe in real-time at lower fee.A complete hybrid exchange system developed by the team of experts for facilitating highly secured transactions. Why pay more fees for every transaction while Beldex offers the low fee? Experience the best exchange system enabled with the latest technology for speed & secure trading experience. Beldex is a leading hybrid exchange system into multiple crypto evolution projects. We are a team of experts working on