How To Download Your Backup File

What is a backup file? A backup file is a file that allows you to access your account from the same device in which you created your account or from different devices.  Let us see how to download your backup file.  Once you create your Magnum wallet, go to your account and click [Settings] at the top right corner.  Click [Download backup] to download the latest backup file.  The backup file containing your backup key will be downloaded onto your system. It can be found in your system’s ‘Downloads’ folder. Save this Backup file in a secure path in your

Creating a Magnum Wallet on Desktop

Go to and click [Create New Wallet]. Enter a strong password, confirm it and then click [Next]. Click on [download your backup file]. Your backup key will be downloaded onto your system in Downloads. Keep it safe.  Click on [Display Mnemonic Phrase]. You will be given a Mnemonic Phrase which is akin to a secret key.  Write down the Mnemonic phrase on paper and do not share it with anyone. Only the Mnemonic phrase can be used to recover your account in case you forget your password.  If you lose the Mnemonic phrase or your backup key, you will

An Immediate and Urgent Need for Privacy

An Immediate and Urgent Need for Privacy

Privacy coins have begun their ascent to the spotlight. With an increasing demand for privacy in day to day lives and the shortened supply of technologies that furnish it, the status quo has shifted in favour of corporations. Most corporate companies do not vouch for privacy as they greatly benefit from user data. Governments, through various privacy laws, have given the bare minimum to their subjects, when it involves the use of monetary funds. Know Your Customer (KYC) policies and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) laws take away whatever residual privacy is left to the user. There is a growing need for

Beldex’s Rank Moves up on

Beldex rank moves up on Masternodes pro

Good day to you fellow Beldians, Beldex is seeing considerable progress in all aspects. Recently, the Beldex coin’s (BDX) rank moved up on CoinMarketCap, the leading data provider of crypto-markets, by a whopping 916 places. If this was not an astounding feat, BELDEX COIN ranking on MasterNodesPro, following suit, has come up drastically. provides statistical and analytical data on the performance of masternode based cryptocurrencies. Beldex now ranks close to major players in the industry and is not far away from grabbing the top 5 positions. Beldex previously ranked 76th, but as of September 4th, 2019, Beldex ranks 15th

🤗😆BELDEX (BDX) Rank Moves from 1132 to 216 in CMC😆🤗

BELDEX (BDX) Rank Moves from 1132 to 216 in CMC

Dear Beldex Community, Our efforts have come to fruition. We wish to inform you of exciting news, one that we’ve been waiting for as well. Beldex (BDX) ranked 1132 a couple of days ago, But today we’ve almost broken through to the top 250 ranks. We now rank 216 on CoinMarketCap! This is another milestone, achieved once again with the support of the Beldex community. BDX is climbing the ladder at breakneck speeds. Keep supporting us, we’re 100% sure that we’ll reach the top 100 ranks in no time! Happy and safe trading!! Join our community to know more about

💪Once Again, Beldex(BDX) Claims the Summit! 💪

Once Again, Beldex (BDX) Claims the Summit

A few days ago, we said that Beldex is among the top 100 profitable coins. We still say that today, because Beldex (BDX) has been topping the charts since then. Let us look at the coin’s performance in the past 24 hours as given by cointradinganalytics. At 06:00 PM UTC on August 30, BDX was the third-best gainer, with about 1% returns. At 02:00 PM UTC, August 30, BDX saw 5.3% gains. At 12:00 PM UTC, August 30, BDX returns were 5% more. Once again at 07:00 AM UTC, August 30, BDX showed 5.3% gains. What is in store for



We’ve got exciting news for you. The masternode count on EvoNodes keeps increasing. When Beldex was listed this month, there was just one masternode. Of course, that is where every masternode pool starts out. But it has been slightly different for Beldex. In just a span of five days, the number of live masternodes has taken a gargantuan leap from 1 to 26! On 23rd August 2019 — Date of listing. The masternode pool rapidly increased since then with six more masternodes being added a couple of days after the listing. That’s bullish! It did not stop there. Today, there

How To Join The Beldex-Evonodes Masternode Pool


The following article lets you know how to join the Beldex (BDX) masternode pool on EvoNodes. Step-1: Go to and click ‘Sign Up Now’. You will be directed to Step-2: Enter your Email ID and enter a strong password, twice, in the respective fields and then click ‘Register’. Step-3: You will receive a confirmation message letting you know that you’ve successfully registered with EvoNodes. An activation email will be sent to your registered Email ID. Step-4: Login to your Evonodes registered email ID and check for the activation email. Click on ‘Activate my account’ or the link provided.