💪Once Again, Beldex(BDX) Claims the Summit! 💪

Once Again, Beldex (BDX) Claims the Summit

A few days ago, we said that Beldex is among the top 100 profitable coins. We still say that today, because Beldex (BDX) has been topping the charts since then. Let us look at the coin’s performance in the past 24 hours as given by cointradinganalytics.

At 06:00 PM UTC on August 30, BDX was the third-best gainer, with about 1% returns.

At 02:00 PM UTC, August 30, BDX saw 5.3% gains.

At 12:00 PM UTC, August 30, BDX returns were 5% more.

Once again at 07:00 AM UTC, August 30, BDX showed 5.3% gains.

What is in store for the future?

Based on the results over the last few days and the past one-month performance, we can infer that there is notably an increasing uptrend.

Hodl up today!

Once the Beldex crypto trading platform is live, users can make use of BDX to gain various rewards.

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